2019 Reads Liked by Lauren

2019 Reads Liked by Lauren

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Over the year, I enjoyed quite a few books from the fiction genre. As we close out an old decade and open the doors to a new chance, reflection on some of those books seemed like a welcoming close out for 2019.

Things We Set on Fire by Deborah Reed

Things We Set on Fire is a moving tale of secrets shrouded and the damage such secrets can render. The reader is introduced to the matriarch of a family and her two daughters. One daughter seeing a somewhat successful life, the other single with two daughters. Suddenly, a tragic change causes the unexpected care for the two daughters. The incident triggers events that give cause to question some incidents from the past, incidents that give reason for family disfunction and heart ache.

Reed writes a beautifully crafted novel through her embellished prose. I can tell her love for nature as it is elegantly portrayed as it ebbs and flows through her language. The work is poetic and tragic.

However, to some readers, the prose gets in the way of story and character. Reed takes care in fully getting the senses on edge with the full description of the humidity of Florida, the smells and the tastes again in very well written prose but it takes the reader away from why they opened the pages in the first place, the story. To some readers, words overtake humanity and characters fall a little flat. Not a bad book by any means, but if one is looking for a fast moving, free flowing text related to moving the character from point a to point b, Things We Set on Fire is not your thing.

Would I read anything else by the Author?

Yes. I would come back for more Deborah Reed. I enjoyed her lyrical prose, again, beautifully done.

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

The first installment of the Stillhouse Lake series, the reader meets Gwen Proctor, the alias for Gina Royal, who is the loving mother of two and wife to who she learns is a serial killer. Who’d have thought?

The book is a good read and keeps the reader in pursuit of answers. Caine utilizes language that is concise and to the point of the reader. I personally found some areas of the text to drag and unfortunately found some filler story line that slowed the pace. But this was quickly remedied. It happens sometimes.

It is a thriller, so keep your popcorn handy and read without interruption because you may be disappointed if you need to stop your reading flow.

Would I read anything else by the author?

Yes. I will be reading the second installment. I just haven’t gotten to it just yet but it is definitely on my to read this year list. It’s an interesting story involving a very bad marriage decision. Hope that got a smile from you.

More Than Scars by Sarah Brocious

My final read for 2019 was More Than Scars by Sarah Brocious. This is an Indie Author work, so I was definitely interested in reading the text. Brocious decided to provide the reader with a Modern Fairytale experience in her novel. I don’t tend to read Fairytales or Romance so I was a bit hesitant in my selection, but I pushed through for the full read.

Brocious brings the reader to the life of Nerissa Meadows who interviews for the position of Nanny for the two daughters of very affluent Liam Byrne. Both characters battle personal issues surrounding horrendous crimes. Nerissa, the witness to her father’s murder and Liam, a survivor of an attack that renders him significantly scarred.

I found the novel to be a lovely tale of love at first site, in a sense. Because Nerissa doesn’t see Liam really for some time. It is very much a fairy tale, so if you are not into sweet characters that are unrealistically sappy like a vegan mochi ice cream treat, then don’t bother. All of the characters are written to be this syrupy sweet while Liam, has such a dramatic Phantom of the Opera/Batman, darkness about him that it is unrealistic. Also, some of the motivation behind some of the characters is sometimes a bit silly. So, spot on Fairy tale!

The book has several editing fax paus that can be a little jarring to a reader. I’d love to see an edited version.  But overall, I enjoyed the read. I was intrigued by the story and found it to be a lovely little simple tale to read in a bubble bath.

Would I read anything more from the author?

If it is a fairytale or romance, then no. I had enough sweets, especially after the holidays. I would be willing to read additional works not in the Romance or Fairytale genre.

Did you read anything that got you wanting to share? Tell me about it! I will share on my blog during this year’s must reads. Email me at: laurenschul350@gmail.com.

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