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The Salvant Brothers: Book 1 – Axl

A stolen life, a “snatcher” of souls and a second chance love, this is the over arching premise of Sonja B’s first installment of her The Salvant Brothers series. In Book one, the reader meets Axl, who’s not so pleasant life as a late teen is shattered by an abusive and violent crime boss who cuts a deal with a not so beloved father. Axl is separated from his two younger brothers for a number of years before being reunited. That’s when they learn that their brother is an assassin for a crime boss. Things get sticky when Axl is called for a job where the unknowing hit has a significant connection to a time in his past. Then things get interesting.

The Salvant Brothers Book 1 is a short, action packed read. The condensed pace is straight to the point for the reader. Characters are not very rich to me, likely because of the length of the book, it is so focused on telling the immediate story. Overall, there is a dark, stormy pull to the story. As a reader, I did find some of the language cliched and characters that fell a little flat. It is true to its purpose, a fast, easy read that is straight to its plot. You’re moving on to the climax of the story relatively quickly. It hits you with a wham and a bam.

I rate this read at a 3 out of 5 stars. There were quite a few issues that can be resolved through editing such as tense confusion, cliched phrases and some grammatical errors that broke the flow of the read. It was an okay read.

It’s not a read for anyone who refuses to read a book with racy love scenes. If you are, you will be blushing. In fact, the book is not one that I would have intentionally picked up as it is not in the genre that I usually enjoy. BUT, and a huge but here, I congratulate the author for staying the course of this book and creating a story line that lines up nicely for a satisfying resolution.

Sonja B. has another installment of this read out, The Salvant Brothers: Book 2 – Felix.  I’m sure it’s another wham bam read.

Will I move on to book 2? Probably not. The pull of the first book is not strong enough for me to want to read on in this series. Let me know if you pick it up for a read. I’d love to hear your opinion!

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