Lauren Schultz Book Review: Dappled by Lisa Brown

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I finished up the book Dappled by Independently Published writer Lisa Brown in February. I believe in supporting “Indie” writers as I understand the struggle. This is the first Indie work I read for the year as part of my mission to support fellow creators. I do intend on reading and reviewing three Indie works each quarter. 

Dappled is a tale that touches on the importance of mental health in our society. Each character is crafted to reflect an inner need. Brown describes some mental health issues with accuracy and familiarity, including the issues that surround such problems, those unspoken demons so to say. 

The reader is introduced to Jane, who works with a social agency that supports individuals requiring supportive devices for diagnosed disabilities. She has an uncanny ability to diffuse an irritate caller. The reader is quickly introduced to Jane’s social life that is less than enriching. 

The book then takes the reader to her past, a past that haunted and rewarded with a memorable relationship she never forgot.

I found it to be a sweet, lovingly crafted tale with the innocence of a first love spent under blooming cherry blossoms. My only real hang up with the book was the rather jarring transition in the tone of the voices. The love story feels like it is written in the guise of a Young Adult Novel. The language pairing with the character, a young 16-18 year old girl. Then we as the reader are jostled into the voice of a more bitter and crippled woman.  I found it to be a little frustrating as this young voice is shelved right between the two segments at the beginning and at the end of the novel with the older voice. When Brown revisits Jane as an adult, she still maintains a sort of naive innocence the young Jane, even though forced to be more mature than other’s her age, held. Not a bad thing. It just didn’t swing as well with me.

Otherwise, a nice read. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to fall in love again and realize how they got there in the first place. 

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