The Last Consort: Escape

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What would you do if you knew about a secret that involved someone you loved? Do you tell them, knowing something terrible will happen? Or do you keep it a secret, knowing something terrible will happen?

William escaped from a dangerous past linked to an underground network with the intentions of invoking disaster and havoc. Years later, he is reunited with a woman he saved from death years before. But her connections are far from what he hopes to return to.

Now he must face that past as an imminent threat grows closer, a threat that only he can control.

How willing is he to risk his own life, save hers and prevent a potential catastrophe by keeping dangerous information directly linked to an outbreak that can kill thousands from getting into the wrong hands? The best thing is to escape. He’s done it before. Afterall, most of the real mess starts with him. But when the reality of what he really is, what he once was and what he needs to be hit he needs to decide.

Can he keep his past from haunting? Will he be able to keep what he once thought was buried from reaching the surface, what he once was thought dead, himself?

The book is now available for download on Amazon!

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